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Commercial real estate on the seaside - land on the Adriatic coast as investment property.

    Construction area 262 sq. m.
    Open area 200 sq. m.
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  1. We offer the following investment property for sale -a construction in Old City - a historical part of Budva. It is a two-storied building with basement. Being a part of the fortress wall encircling the city from the seaside, it is an ideal location for a restaurant, hotel or other commercial real estate.

This investment property needs renovation. At the building there is an open area, where a summer cafe (popular commercial real estate in Montenegro) can be arranged.

Total area of the building is 262 square meters.

The open area takes 200 square meters.

Price 515 000 EUR.    SOLD

Ground areas as profitable investment property for sale providing the opportunity of profitable commercial real estate.

They may be used for construction of hotels, restaurants and other residential, commercial real estate and other investment property. Investing into a ground area with further construction on it provides quick returns due to favorable situation with commercial real estate sale on the Adriatic coast. It takes about 5 months to build a 5-6-storied hotel here. Construction of one square meter in a three-star hotel costs about 800 EUR. Tourist season here lasts from the end of April till the middle of October.

Therefore, ground areas are very advantageous as investment property providing profitable commercial real estate.

    Ground area 3 500 sq. m.
    Distance to the sea 20 m
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  1. We can offer you the following investment property for sale - a ground area of 3500 square meters on the Bechichi beach, 20 meters to the sea. You will also be able to get the building leasehold and create commercial real estate bringing active income to you.

The ground area offered as investment property for sale is located on the best part of the beach between resorts of Rafailovichi and Bechichi. The landowner is ready to participate in the joint investment property project of commercial real estate construction. The offer will be discussed in detail when choosing the project.

    Area 430 sq. m.
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  1. Ground area located on Yaz beach along the way to Kotor is offered for sale as attractive investment property giving the opportunity of constructing promising commercial real estate.

The total area is 430 square meters. A one-storied building (i.e. residential or commercial real estate) can be built on the area.

Price - 90 000 EUR.

There is an opportunity to invest into completion of construction of big modern hotels - the most profitable investment property, first-class accommodation and other commercial real estate on share basis. If you are interested, we will provide more details on every hotel.

All the realty offered as investment property for sale is located in the most popular tourist zone of Montenegro coast. Building land here costs from 200 to 500 EUR per square meter plus 120-140 EUR - the price the developer has to pay for the building license. This determines relatively high cost of commercial real estate and other investment property, especially at the seaside. Yet constant tourist flow makes this area quite attractive for investments into hotel, restaurant and entertainment business and explains constant demand for commercial real estate. Dozens of new hotels, restaurants, bars and other commercial real estate appear each year.

Privatization of hotels on competitive basis is currently taking place in Montenegro. 11 biggest hotels are offered for sale as investment property. Foreigners can take part in the competition as well. If you are interested, we will provide you the tender conditions.

Please note that commercial real estate market is subject to constant changes. If you wish to be updated on our newest offers of investment property for sale, please advise your e-mail address. As soon as we have news on the development of commercial real estate market, we will send you e-mail.

(Important Note. We do not sell or exchange e-mail addresses received from you. Your e-mail address will be used in our messages only).

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