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Residential property for sale on the seaside. Investment real estate on the beach.

Total ground area 856 sq. m.
House area 400 sq. m.
House height 6 floors
Distance to the sea 20 m
We offer the following investment real estate for sale - a half of a 6-storied house, which is characterized by high quality construction, modern building materials, exceptional location, which is unique coastwise (and the location is very important when choosing residential property or other investment real estate), availability of its own berth and two beaches. The house is recommended as "First Class" residential property for sale. This deluxe residential property on Montenegro coast meets the highest standards and will satisfy even the most exacting customers interested in residential property for sale or other investment real estate.

This comfortable investment real estate can be utilized either as a hotel or a dwelling house, i.e. residential property. The premises on the ground floor (246 square meters in total) can be arranged for a restaurant, a cafe or offices.

Residential Property Terraces

The other investment real estate offered is the house built in summer 2002 and located on the very edge of a small picturesque Adriatic bay. This exceptional residential property is situated in Rafailovichi town, which is just 4 kilometers to Montenegro historical center - Budva city and 3 kilometers to the world-famous hotel-island of St.Stefan.

The area, where this residential property is located, is known for its unique and medicinal climate, caused by closeness to the mountains, clean and calm sea, sandy beaches (which are rare for the Adriatic Sea), lots of verdure, conifers including. In the vicinity to this investment real estate there are some national parks and a number of historical places of interest. Rafailovichi town, thanks to its favorable location (30 km to the international airport of Tivat and 38 km to the seaport and the railway station of Bar) and due to the growing interest of investors to residential property and other investment real estate, is a promising site for tourism, restaurant and entertainment businesses.

The whole of the house is placed on the ground area of 856 square meters. This residential property is located on the edge of a bay, 20 meters to the sea, a little aside from other neighboring residential property. In front of the house there is a berth for yachts and boats for the free use of the house lodgers. Forward of the house entrance there is also enough parking place for the tenants. It takes only 3 minutes driving to the main motorway from the house, but owing to the excellent location of this residential property, no car noise can be heard inside. Near the house there are two comfortable beaches, 250 long in total, and they are for free use of the house tenants (hiring chaise longues is charged only).

Marina Beach at the house

The half of the house offered for sale as residential property and investment real estate consists of:

  • Ground floor of 123 square meters (plus 123 square meters under the second half of the house) and can be utilized for a restaurant, an office or other investment real estate (the ceiling height is 3.2 meters). Rearranging is possible if desired by the customer.
  • Second floor of 127 square meters;
  • Third floor of 138 square meters;
  • Fourth floor of 139 square meters;
  • Fifth floor of 128 square meters
  • Sixth floor of 75 square meters

Total - 730 square meters

The half of the house is sold as a whole as investment real estate. The flats of different area and arrangement all have terraces. Either a flat or a whole floor can be rearranged by the customer's request. The ceiling height in the flats is 2.4 m. All the flats have telephones, connection to cable television and conditioners - an extremely important factor for residential property located in the South.

At the purchase of this residential property it is possible to register the right of the land and the berth possession.

The price for 1 square meter of the total area is 1 590 EUR.

Please note that the situation in the investment real estate market is constantly changing. If you want to be kept updated on our new offers of residential property, please, advise your e-mail address. As soon as we have news on investment real estate and residential property, we will be able to contact you.

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