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Real estate listing of residential income property at the seaside - apartments located not far from the sea in Rafailovichi and Budva.

Real estate listing of residential income property in Rafailovichi.

Distance to the sea 150 m
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Our real estate listing in Rafailovichi includes three flats in a newly built house, which can be described as excellent residential income property - real estate, which can bring you steady income if rented. The house is 150 m to the sea, though without the sea view. The flats included into the real estate listing below are remarkable for the excellent construction quality, staircases with marble facing and polished granite flooring title. The house has telephone and television cabling, which is extremely important for using the flats as residential income property and lodging tourists.

    Area 43 sq. m.
    Rooms 2
    Floor 3
  1. One of the flats, offered in our real estate listing as residential income property, is located on the 3rd floor, consists of two not very big rooms, a corridor, a bathroom (with a toilet) and a terrace. It is possible to arrange a kitchen in one of the rooms and make it more suitable for guests, if you use it as residential income property. Total area is 43 square meters (terrace included).

Price - 950 EUR per square meter.

    Area 43 sq. m.
    Rooms 2
    Floor 4
  1. The second flat in our real estate listing of residential income property is on the 4th floor and is divided into two one-bedroom small flats with a common entrance. It is very convenient for lodging tourists if the flat is used as residential income property, since every flat has its own bathroom (with a toilet), a cooker, a fridge, a conditioner and separate terraces. The flat furniture is offered for sale, too. Total area is 43 square meters.

Price (furniture included) - 42 850 EUR, without furniture - 40 850 EUR.

    Area 50 sq. m.
    Floor 3
  1. The third flat in our real estate listing of residential income property is on the third floor and has two levels. It consists of a living room, which is joined with an equipped kitchen; two bedrooms on the first and the second level, a bathroom (with a toilet), a terrace with a sea view. There is wooden parquet in the living room. Total area - 50 square meters. The flat is another good example of residential income property that will always bring active income to the owner if rented.

Price - 950 EUR per square meter.

Important note. If you buy two flats, you will have the right to use one parking place in front of the house.

Real estate listing in Budva. Residential income property
    Flats' area 40-120 sq. m.
    House height 4 floors
    Distance to the sea 800 m
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  1. A new house on the ring road is offered in our real estate listing of residential income property in Budva, it is 800 m to the sea, in Golubovina district. The house is remarkable for its high quality construction, modern building materials and parquet flooring. All flats in the house are cabled, have a reserve water tank, telephones and conditioners. The house can be arranged for lodging tourists, therefore being residential income property, which can be extremely profitable.

The entrance is video monitored. In the house there are garages for two or three cars.

Garage price - 690 EUR per square meter.

The ground floor is offered for sale to be utilized for offices, restaurants or cafes.

Price - 1 400 - 1 500 EUR per square meter.

Flats with total area from 40 to 120 square meters are offered for sale as residential income property. Large flats (100 square meters) have two toilets. All the flats have wide terraces. Usually a living room is joined with a kitchen, which is separated from the room with a bar stand.

Price - 1 050 EUR per square meter.

Please note that real estate listing is subject to constant changes. If you wish to be updated on our newest offers of residential income property, please advise your e-mail address. As soon as we have new items in our real estate listing in Montenegro, we will send you e-mail.

(Important Note. We do not sell or exchange e-mail addresses received from you. Your e-mail address will be used in our messages only).

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